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Rural development evaluation (presentations)

Each seminar of the 'A smarter CAP debate' series provides the best available evidence on one crucial CAP reform topic from independent experts. Our first event has focused on rural development evaluation. You can find the presentations below:

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An open trading system enhances global food security

How does the CAP affect poverty and hunger abroad? Prof. Alan Matthews observes improvements in EU policy, such as the reduction of export subsidies and tariff-free market access for least developed countries. But further steps are necessary if trade is to develop its full potential in the struggle for global food security.

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The rising voice of business

Video: The rising voice of business

The business community would like to shift EU funds from agricultural subsidies to research & development. But they only complain without acting. Really? Here are Charlotte Nyberg of the Swedish Chambers of Commerce and Helena Bergqvist of the Confederation for Swedish Enterprise who have set out to change the EU budget.

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How to green the CAP

Podcast: How to green the CAP

Ariel Brunner Ariel Brunner from Bird Life International talks about worst and best practices in the EU's agrienvironmental payments. His concret examples show how much remains to be done to green the CAP.

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